Garrettsville – “Stomp” is a musical performance that incorporates singing, recorders and rhythms that are played on an unusual assortment of objects.

In this rhythm driven program the students use 5 gallon detergent buckets as drums, floor brooms that are knocked on the floor as percussive instruments, and pvc pipes that are thumped in rhythmic patterns. It is truly amazing how you can make music out of basically anything.

The program was presented on Tuesday, February 28th in the James A. Garfield Elementary School Gym. Under the direction of Kenneth E. Fox, 115 4th grade students sang Jazz and Rock selections entitled “Jazz” and “Big Heart”. The group also played a variety of Jazz and March songs performed on recorders that included “Blue Smoothie” and Rhythm Parade”. On the songs “Boom” and LaBoomba” the students took turns singing and playing their recorders on these high-energy selections.
The highlight of the program was the “Closing Stomp” performed by a 10-student drum line (or bucket-line if you will)!  The fast-paced sixteenth note patterns that the students played on buckets was definitely a crowd-pleaser.
This program was an incredible accomplishment of time and talent for this outstanding group of 4th graders, and Mr. Fox is very proud of them.