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State of the GarrettsvilleStrong Fund


The Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce’s GarrettsvilleStrong fund was established three years ago to raise funds which will be utilized to facilitate the rebuilding of the block in downtown Garrettsville affected by the fire March 22, 2014. Since 2014 over ninety-five thousand dollars has been raised to help the property owners rebuild the Buckeye Block properties. There are no plans for the mission of the fund to change.

To date only $3,778.58 of the fund have been disbursed to the owners of the brick building (formerly the Mishler building). This disbursement was made in August of 2015 to the Carlson Family, the current owners of the former Mishler Building. The amount was their share of the initial $50,000 and was used to offset refurbishment expenses of the building.

Any funding from external grants applied for by the property owners are subject to their own sets of terms and conditions, which the Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for.

For more information on how disbursement of the GarrettsvilleStrong Fund works, please visit:

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Benjamin Coll
Immediate Past President of the Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce
GarrettsvilleStrong Board Member