Housecalls are back!

Whether you live in Cleveland, Aurora, Middlefield  or Garrettsville, St. James In-Home Hearing offers hearing care at affordable prices –- many times, at as much as half the cost of other hearing practices.

Many large companies overcharge the elderly for products, but St. James Hearing believes “Everyone deserves to hear.”  That applies to anyone over the age of 18 who needs hearing services.

St. James In-Home Hearing is able to keep costs down because most consultations are done in the client’s home, eliminating office overhead. They also believe that “patient care should be all about fairness, sincerity, product knowledge, and anything else related to good business,” says owner Jerry Formoso.

With locations in Parma and Independence, he and Jim Formoso have been doing hearing consulting and operating practices since 2004, offering hearing aid programming, fittings, patient ear mold applications and follow-up care. They carry several brands, including Starkey, GN Resound (Beltone), Siemens (Miracle Ear), Sebotek, Audina, Unitron, Phonak and Oticon. They accept all insurance (no Medicare).

The company takes pains to ensure their clients (and their families) understand their products before purchasing, so they select the best product for their particular needs, Jerry says. “We are able to deliver the same hearing aid services as our competitors but in the comfort of the patient’s home. Large companies are all about profit. St. James Hearing truly cares about their clients.”

Call (855) 586 – 4327 or log onto to learn more.