And the winners are…
Everyone who attended last weekend’s Chicken Dinner Festival went home a winner (or at least with the satisfaction of having a delicious meal.) However, there are some who went home with a little bit more. Congratulations to all the following winners:

$1,000.00 cash First Prize                            Jan Riffle
$   200.00 cash Second Prize                      Betsy Dunn
$   100.00 cash Third Prize                          Larry Hurley
$   100.00 cash Fourth Prize                       Jordon Sedensky
$   100.00 cash Fifth Prize                            Jean Hrobak
Backyard Barn                                              Jackie Kable
View Smart Flat Screen TV                          Neral Gerke
Gas Grill                                                         Will Rivera
Shopping Bonanza Package                       Jennifer Evitts
Family Night Out Package                           Jennifer Evitts
I’m Not Cooking Package                            Bev White
Adult Get Away Package                              Fred Walz
Car Care Package                                        Shawn Vesey
Quilt #1                                                           Sue Sabo
Quilt #2                                                      Dolores Minisall
Afghan                                                            Vi McCarty
Baby Blanket                                          Ginny Della Torre
Rocker                                                           Ann Shock
Red, White & Blue Basket                           Mary Litzinger

Even if you did not win anything at the festival, we sure hope you had a great time.
If so, then we all went home winners