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Spring Programs at Your YMCA


The Garrettsville Family YMCA has got you covered. Check out the programs offered—from Chair Yoga to Line Dancing or Pilates to Y-Cycle or anything in between—they’ve got your number, got your skill level, got your interest in getting more active.

The Real You is an 8-week weight loss program unique to the Y, which includes nutritional education, daily food monitoring and activity online, weekly weigh-ins, monthly measurements, 2 group workouts per week, group support, individual coaching and attention from trained and motivated coaches. A great way to start a New Year with a New You.

Silver Sneakers Classic incorporates music, hand-held weights, resistance equipment, exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion and activity for daily living. Cardio and cardio-sculpt, yoga, restorative Yoga and chair yoga, pick your restorative. PiYo is an up-tempo work-out blending Pilates and yoga. Do your thing.

And for the younger set, the Junior Cavaliers are still on. Spring and summer programs are taking shape, with summer daycare to be available in conjunction with the programs being offered in the Crestwood School District. Soccer, Flag Football and Volleyball sign-ups are in the offing. This is all about local kids. Don’t miss out.

And, as always, volunteers are needed and appreciated… for any age level, any level of expertise. Come, be prepared to be a role model, a teacher and a responsible adult, give kids a chance to experience an activity and the fellowship of teamwork; be prepared to make discipline a positive thing, an element of success in many aspects of life. Volunteers are the heart of how the Y is able to offer so much to the community. Volunteer positions and paid positions are available now. Put yourself on the line. It’s a challenge. You won’t be sorry that you stepped up to it.

The Y is the way. Check it out. If you are within driving distance, this is the place for you. Find out what programs fit your schedule and pique your interest and make the Y part of your life. It’s like that saying about dogs, they are not your whole life, but they do make your life more whole. Way to go!