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Spotlight on Main: Bettina’s Opens it Doors in Ravenna


Bettina’s Antiques and Miniatures Company, located at 264 West Main Street, recently opened its  doors for business. Owner Sue Sheppard said owning a Victorian tea room was her heart’s desire but Ravenna already had one of those so she decided to go with her other love, antiques and miniatures. The store is named after her late mother Bettina Sheppard, and  carries antiques, a variety of miniature items for dollhouses and supplies for fairy gardens. Sue stated that Bettina means tiny which her mother was and so are the items she sells in her store.

When one walks in the store they will see a portrait of the store’s namesake on the wall along with some antique pictures. She also has numerous doll houses, fairy gardens as well as any miniature item one would need to accessorize a dollhouse. The world of doll houses and miniatures is not just child’s play; it is  for the grown up as well.

Bettina’s has just about anything one would find in a furniture gallery only a lot smaller. She carries furniture, appliances, and accessories in a variety of scales so she is sure of have the correct size for the doll house one is trying to decorate. The store has all the accent pieces one would look for as well. Expect to find miniature dishes, towels, bed coverings, table cloths, pottery, wallpaper, etc. Anything needed to set and  decorate a full size room, she carries for a miniature room. So, your doll house needs a sewing room? Well, don’t worry, she has all the accessories for that, right down to the pattern pieces, iron and ironing board.

The miniature world is actually like living in fantasy land. Design your house or room (Yes, she sells just rooms if you do not have the space for an entire doll house.) as you would like. Are you into Victorian but not sure you want your life-size home all decked out in it? Then consider doing a room or a doll house in Victorian style. The store has just about everything one would need and Sue will help you select items for your house or room if you desire help.

Your old house needs some TLC? No problem, she can help with that too. Sue also repairs doll houses and can  help find  replacement parts for one as well. A one stop shop for those who love miniatures.

The store hasn’t forgotten about the kids either. It also carries the Melissa and Doug line of houses created for children. So bring in the kids. In fact she even has a play area for kids when they come in the store with mom. They can play with the store  doll house while mom works on decorating her own house/room.

The future plans for the store are: to open her shop up for meetings, group workshops and classes on fairy gardens which have become extremely popular as of late.  She also plans to have adult “play days” where adults can bring their houses or rooms in and work on them while exchanging ideas with others.

Check out this unique store and you too may fall in love with the miniature world.

Bettina’s is open from Wednesday thru Saturday 11 am – 3 pm.