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“Single Champagne Bottle Worth $1.8 Million”


“Single Champagne Bottle Worth $1.8 Million”… that was the headline that caught my attention last week. After imagining what I would do with $1.8 Million I started thinking about what makes a bottle of wine or in this case, champagne, worth $1.8 million?

I understand land prices, the type of grape, the chemicals that are used (or in organic wines are not used), the equipment the wine is fermented in and, of course, the reputation the winery has will influence the price of a bottle. But I still cannot imagine wine costing that much!

Well, of course, as I read the article it turned out that the bottle is really what cost that much – the bottle was crafted from solid 18-carat gold and features a deep-cut white diamond of 19 carats. Even the label was made out of gold! Constructed with 18-carat solid white gold, it was engraved with the recipient’s name. So this got me thinking… if you had the money would you rather buy an expensive wine for the wine or buy it for the bottle?

For some of you the decision is easy… but for me once I started thinking about it, this is a tough decision. I had my first “expensive” wine in 2003. A dear friend had a bottle of Opus One that cost $279. Maybe it was the prestige of tasting this wine but I was overwhelmed with this wine – the bouquet, the flavors and the finish – it was everything you would think an expensive bottle of wine would taste like. However being able to keep the bottle as a souvenir was even better.

So, after thinking of that bottle, would I buy the champagne to keep a bottle that is covered in that much gold and diamonds? It sure would make a fantastic conversation piece! But as I look back at the bottle of Opus One, I cringe in thinking that the $1.8 million bottle would meet the same ending that the bottle of Opus One had. During one of our moves, even as well wrapped as the bottle was, it still took an unpreventable fall and shattered.

I still have the memory of the wine and the bottle but as I think about $1.8 million for a bottle, I have decided that if I had the money to buy wine, I would spend it on 180,000 bottles of a good $10 bottle of wine with a cute label!



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