Garrettsville –  Mark your calendar.  Silver Sneakers activities are a-comin’.  The wellness center for seniors at the Park Ave. building in Garrettsville will be opening on March 2—that’s a Monday—and March 3 will see the beginning of a Silver Sneakers fitness class for “active older adults” at the same location.  The time frame will be from 9:45a.m.-12:00, noon, on Tuesdays, to start, then, additionally, 9:45a.m.-12:00, noon, on Thursdays, beginning March 19.

There are elliptical trainers, treadmills and other exercise/fitness equipment on-site already and additional certified personnel are being sought to expand the offerings available.  Sunday evenings are open for adult basketball.  Summer sports sign-ups are on the horizon. (That seems pretty far away right now but it’s coming…honest.)  Moms and dads waiting for kids at their activity can, for a small charge, spend some quality time getting buff and beautiful, trim and toned, rested and relaxed,   all that stuff.

Check out the possibilities.  Some insurance carriers will cover the fees (individual, $22.00 plus tax, couple, $34.00).  Many  people find that the Silver Sneakers programs and interactions are worth far more than that in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

To get more information, plan to stop in at the Open House/Information Session at the Park Ave. building on Monday, February 23 from 9:00a.m. to 12:00 p.m.