6Read Big!

It’s not too late to participate in the BIG READ, a program  sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and Arts Midwest being offered by Hiram College’s Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature and the libraries of the Portage County Library District.  There will be authors, speakers, a dance troupe and Mexican food as well as discussion groups and crafts.  The book which is the focus of this year’s activities is Luis Alberto Urrea’s Into the Beautiful North.  Only seventy-five non-profit organizations in the country have received grants to participate in this part of the Global Campaign for Education through September and October.  Get reading NOW.  Contact lindsaycrane@hiram.edu for more information.

5The Portage Library District Needs Your Help!

And speaking of reading, don’t forget that the Portage County District Library levy will be on the ballot this November.  One of the goals of the library district is to have a branch in each of the school districts in the county.  Even if you’re not  much of a reader yourself, give a thought to the assistance that the library district can offer to school kids and senior citizens who can use the facilities and expertise available in libraries.  If you are a reader and a user of the libraries, please understand that without the passage of a levy, the materials and services available to you and to the entire community will continue to decline , as the state of Ohio is shirking its duty and funds from this source are declining as costs continue to rise.

4Get Into “the Y”

Another community resource available to all is the Garrettsville YMCA, located on Park Ave. Garrettsville.  Programs are being offered for folks of all ages, from pre-school to senior citizens, athletic and fitness programs to films and discussion.  Is there something that you’d like to see happen at “the Y”?  Talk to them about it; get a group together and try something new.  Get moving.  Get thinking.  Get going for a better you.

3Join The Garfield PTO…

And speaking of better…you’d better get out and join the PTO wherever your children are in school.  There are activities and events that your children participate in and enjoy which require reliable volunteers to organize and support.  Safety Village, Family Halloween Party, Family Skate Nights, Santa Shop, Spaghetti Supper, new playground equipment, new technology, camps, contests, tournaments are all part of the mix of thing that make for a successful educational experience for every kid.  Get in and do your part.

2…And The Boosters Too!

That includes Boosters too.  Programs and facilities don’t come out of nowhere.  The same people can’t do the heavy lifting year after year…AND their kids graduate.  Step up to the plate…or the line…or the tee…or the net…or whatever it takes to get the job done.  Volunteer.