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Scout Completes Eagle Project for Community Ambulance


Garrettsville – Kyle Angermeier from Boys Scout Troop 4062 in Garrettsville recently completed his Eagle Scout Project for Community Ambulance.  The idea was formed two years ago, when, Community Ambulance’s Chief Chris Sanchez presented the need for a new sign to the troop, and Kyle decided that he wanted to do this for his Eagle Scout Project.  

Kyle Angermeier with his mentor Capt. Josh Wilde with the new sign.
Kyle Angermeier with his mentor Capt. Josh Wilde with the new sign.

An Eagle Scout Project is a project that a scout does that will serve the community and give him the honor of being an Eagle Scout.  An Eagle Scout must over-see, organize, find funding, and do everything a project entails from start to finish. In today’s world, Ken would be referred to as the project manager in an industrial situation. He doesn’t have to do the manual labor per se, but he is to oversee all the construction, keep the project on budget, and see it through to its completion.  He then has to submit a review plan to the Eagle Scout Approval Board before he actually reaches the Eagle Scout rank.

Before he could actually begin his project, he needed to get approval from the Eagle Scout Approval Board. He then, needed to collaborate with Chief Sanchez on the design, size and style of the signs. Next, he had to draw-up the plans for the signs including a list of needed materials, estimated costs, etc. Once he figured out what he was doing and what all he would need to complete the project he had to go to the village’s design board and zoning commission to have the drawing approved and obtain the necessary permits. The village approved a 3×6 foot sign for the entrance of Community Ambulance EMS and a 2x3foot sign for their visitor parking. The approval was for smaller signs than originally planned. They had originally planned for a 4×8 foot EMS sign and a 4×6 foot parking sign.

After obtaining the proper permits and approvals, Kyle needed to raise funds for the project. Kyle enlisted the help of his fellow scouts as they asked area businesses to support the project. Once funding began, Kyle had to manage the money for the project until its completion, teaching him money management skills as well.

Besides getting permits and such, Kyle also needed to develop a plan of execution, including descriptions of what would be need to be done, how he would get it accomplished. He also had to organize the labor. On the day of construction, Kyle enlisted the help of fellow scouts to do the labor and organized the food he would need to feed his laborers. He had plenty of water, donuts, and pizza on hand. He even had a canopy set up for sun relief.

When the group was ready to begin, Kyle assigned tasks and the boys began manually digging the post holes, for the two signs. Once the holes were dug to below the frost line, they set the posts, and then mounted the signs. The boys leveled the dirt and did some landscape work as well.

Now the project will not be considered complete until Kyle has completed a service project review describing how the project went, noting any differences from the actual plan to how it was completed.

Kyle said at times the project was a challenge but he was determined to see it to the end. Congratulations,  Kyle, on obtaining the Rank of Eagle Scout!