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The Scarecrows Return To Burton Village

“Cousin Itt” sits patiently outside of Creative Corners Hair Salon for his haircut.

Burton – This year marks the 9th year for the Grand Return of the Scarecrows (GRS) in Burton. Every year, around mid September, the downtown area and surrounding region will have some “peculiar looking fellows” lining the sidewalks and streets. These fellows, or as the Burton Chamber of Commerce (BCC) calls them, “new friends” have wandered in from the local corn fields to celebrate the harvest season, which has become known as the Grand Return of the Scarecrows (GRS).

In 2007 the Chamber of Commerce held a Scarecrow Ball with proceeds from the event being split between the BCC, Berkshire High School and Burton Century Village. The event was a huge success, but sadly due to an economic downturn the following year, the ball did not return. However, the friendly fellows from the corn field did, hence the start of the GRS.
Originally, each business would make a scarecrow that adhered to a theme, today the merchants are encouraged to make a scarecrow that depicts something about their business.
Once completed, the scarecrows are placed in front of their establishment. Most of the scarecrows are located in the heart of the village, with a few businesses to the east of the village participating as well.

The scarecrows in the village are a great way to celebrate fall and for people to see what Burton has to offer. They are now an anticipated event that brings people out from all over to see them and to explore the village.

The scarecrows are not scary. They are friendly, fun, fellows made out of various materials that will make you smile. Therefore, bring the kids along and have fun exploring Burton Village, while taking advantage of this great free, family event. Don’t forget the camera – these scarecrows love to have their pictures taken!

This is an autumn must-see event.