Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians we’re offered renewed insights on the operations and goals of the Coleman Professional Services–Fostering Recovery, Building Independence, Changing Destinies–being offered to the citizens of Portage, Summit, Stark and Trumbull counties here in northeast Ohio and in Allen, Auglaize and Hardin counties in northwestern Ohio.

One of the first understandings required is the reality that 25% of the population has some form of mental or neurological illness; something in the body/brain system is not working. Added to that is the fact that approximately 66% of these are not diagnosed.  Required in our reassessment of the situation is the realization that it is about what we have, not what we are.  The mentally impaired  need treatment, not condemnation.

Roger Cram and Kathy Myers, Director of  Public Relations for Coleman Professional Services highlighted the organization’s principal areas of service  to the community :

Behavioral Health–psychiatric, case management, counseling, psychosocial services  substance use disorders, alcohol and other drug disorders

Access Services–evaluation and prescreening

Adult Day Services–safe and supportive, socially stimulating setting

Residential Services–crisis stabilization, group home, supportive housing, apartment living, placement

Employment Services–competitive community employment matching ability

Mediation Services–practical resolution for difficult issues

They focused on the message that TREATMENT WORKS : PEOPLE RECOVER.

They pointed out that commercial contracts are part of their funding sources, that 80% of the workers have a disability.  Additionally, they made it clear that, race, social structure, economic situations are not determinants of the availability of services.  They offered information, clarification and an invitation…to the 25th Anniversary  celebration of the organization, Right at Home, in the home of Hiram College president, Thomas V. Chema, on September 7, 2013.

RYLA application from local students will be due on May 20.

As Hiram College’s dining hall will not be open on a regular basis during the summer, Rotary meetings will be moving to the Kennedy Center for the duration. More information will be available on the website.