Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians and their guests–District Governor Steve Zabor, past District Governor Jay Dzurilla, Daniel Cartwright, Caitlyn Lawless and Tom & Sherri Collins– recently were treated to a program presented by  Carol Dombrose, founder and operator of Angel House, a facility offering retreats and other programs for inner city young people, and member of the Strongsville Rotary Club.

Ms. Dombrose spoke and illustrated her presentation with a video on her experiences as part of the GSE, Group Study Exchange, a Rotary International program since the 1960’s offering young individuals between the age of 25 and 44 the opportunity to gain one-on-one experiences in countries and cultures which they might otherwise have been unable to obtain and increasing the outreach of Rotary everywhere.  Over one hundred thousand individuals, so far, have participated in the program, in a different country every year.  She felt that one of her motivations for being a GSE visitor to India was the component of spirituality involved in her work at Angel House, making this a pilgrimage of sorts to a place where many aspects of spirituality are practiced.  One of the most striking things that she observed during the experience was the breadth of the on-going Rotary International projects in the country, including schools, social programs and health care, all needed and well-respected at every level.  Q & A  and discussion followed the interesting presentation.

Local Rotarians will meet for their annual steak-fry on Thursday, August 23.