Tired but triumphant after their successful Reverse Raffle and Silent Auction, the Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary Club moved on to business-as-usual at their 11/14/11 meeting.

There was a snapshot of the club’s financial situation (good), continued support for the Power of the Pen activities to be held at the JAG Middle School, with local participants to be featured as a program in the spring of 2012, thanks to Chuck and Connie Evans for their assistance at the gala event, thoughts on even more improvements for the next event and some discussion on time for meetings to start.

Carolyn Miller, “the Cake Lady”, of Windham, was introduced and offered her services as volunteer par excellence for the upcoming Family Week activities.  This worthwhile program can always use committed individuals to help out in bringing Rotary tenets to the community at-large; it involves folks of all ages and interests.  Appreciation all ‘round for her offer and for the interest of the LDS church in becoming involved in the program.  Looks like “bigger and better” every year.

Jessica Lyons and her parents were also in attendance.  Jessica was tendering her application to be a Rotary exchange student, preferably to a Spanish-speaking country, such as Mexico, Spain or Ecuador.  She offered a glimpse into her expectations and intentions for the experience as an opportunity for personal growth and world-wide understanding.  Also part of the presentation was a list of local families which could be suitable hosts for exchange students coming to James A. Garfield  High School in the future.

Finally…last but not least…Missie Petrie (advisor), Brittany Sisson and Emily Johnson of the JAG Interact Club gave a brief video presentation on “Invisible Children”, a program which seeks to end the capture, abduction, abuse and killing of children by the LRA–Lord’s Resistance Army– in Central Africa.  This covered the rehabilitation and education of rescued children, the effort to establish radio warning networks for prevention of dangerous raids on villages and homes, co-operation with other organization, fund-raising, and on-going attempts to arrest  Joseph Kony, founder and leader of the outlawed group.  The story of  “Invisible Children” is moving and calls out for young people everywhere to become as involved as the members of Interact in combating this scourge.

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary Club meets on Monday evenings   at 5:30 in the Kennedy Center at Hiram College, dinner, followed by business and program.  All are welcome.