Middlefield – You have probably seen statistics thrown out and about in the media regarding the advantages of music programs in local schools.  Some statistics show that students who are in band tend to do better in their other classes and are more likely to stay in school.  There are many programs to “Save the Music” (a VH1 program) and are designed to keep music in the schools especially during these times of extreme budget cuts.  There is a definite division in thinking regarding music, and the arts as a whole, among many Americans.  Some believe it is not as necessary as skills training or college preparation classes.  Others believe that society would be lacking in humanity, empathy and basic feelings without the arts.
Music can be a friend to the lonely, an encourager to the heavy laden, bring  relaxation to the tired; it can lift your spirits, take you back in time, and change your attitude.  Music is at the heart of life, in my humble opinion.
Roadhouse Music located at 15910 West High Street in Middlefield (440.632.0678) is a premier location for musical equipment, sheet music, repairs, announcing equipment, parts and so much more. They live and breathe music for students as well as adults.
John Burton opened Roadhouse Music in January 2004 and has made quite a name for himself and the store in the local area, not just with schools but  with musicians as well  for the quality and the quantity of products and services offered.  They even offer vintage instruments, which is a rare commodity today, due to so many on-line auction sites.  At Roadhouse you can actually see a wide range of vintage equipment.  When I visited, they had a 1934 Gibson guitar which was playable and quite beautiful.
Some of the services offered include a full range of school band instruments to rent or buy, electronics set-up and coverage for events or permanent installation of equipment for groups and others who need public speaking equipment. They can buy/sell/trade instruments or equipment; you can buy sheet music or access it electronically, buy a beginner’s pack to help future musicians get started, take lessons, get parts for your instrument, have a broken instrument repaired. Just about any other instrument-related need you might have can be taken care of by John and his crew.
One of the many advantages of utilizing local merchants is the high level of customer service you receive.  When you purchase an instrument at Roadhouse Music, they make sure it is right before you take it home and the knowledgeable staff  makes sure your purchase is exactly what you were looking for. Plus, their prices are comparable to those big box stores.
They are members of IMSO (Independent Music Store Owners).  This membership adds years and years of experience and assistance to further help with your shopping needs.  Have a question that Roadhouse Music cannot answer? No worries…they can query IMSO and glean knowledge from many sources to help get you what you need.
Many smaller stores have closed in Northeast Ohio in the last few years due to economic hardships.  John feels it is their high level of customer service that has allowed the doors to stay open.  The love of music is everywhere, in all the nooks and crannies of Roadhouse Music.  So if you are looking to learn to play, buy an instrument, get one repaired or other number of music related services, think about Roadhouse Music in Middlefield as being your first (and only) stop.  Check out their website (http://www.roadhousemusic.org/) for more information and current hours.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said that “music is the universal language of mankind.”  That language is fluently spoken at Roadhouse Music, why not stop by and speak  for yourself.