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Rival High School Bands Make History


The last football game of the season has a tendency to be some what bittersweet for the seniors, especially those that are players, cheerleaders, and band members, but Friday’s game gave the senior band members an event to remember. The Garfield Band made history when they played their halftime show at Windham High School last Friday night at the last football game of the year.  The two bands, James A. Garfield (JAG) Band and the Windham High School (WHS) band put their love for music first and the rivalry second as the two bands performed a portion of the half-time show together.

The half-time show opened with JAG Band performing first, followed by WHS Band. Then, history was made when the JAG Band joined the WHS Band on the field and finished the half-time show with the two bands playing together.  It was a sight to behold, watching the back yard rivals put aside their differences and put their love of music first, not only performing together but having fun with each other while doing it.  The kids played and rocked out the show leaving the folks in the stands seeing history being made as the two bands entertained the crowd together last Friday night.

The show didn’t come together miraculously, but came with a lot of hard work. Both bands had diligently practiced the two pieces separately and came together one time to practice for about 45 minutes prior to Friday night’s game. Their efforts paid off as the two bands put on a fantastic show to close out the football season.

Folks on the sidelines were impressed as they watched each band cheer the other on as they performed separately, and when they played together. Both bands moved together and sounded like they had been playing together all season long. Some of the comments on the sidelines were “That was awesome,” — from the students to “A job well done,” — from the adults.  Everyone was amazed at the way they were able to come together and put on such a great half-time show. The performance left one wondering whether this was a new tradition in the making. Well, that remains to be seen, but let’s hope it continues. It was a joy to watch the bands come together and share their love for music with others.