Newton Falls – Many Villager readers remember the fire that swept through Garrettsville’s downtown business district, altering the landscape and effectively redirecting the lives of several townspeople in one afternoon. But even before that March day last year, the residents of Newton Falls experienced a similar situation as smoke and flames burst through the windows of an apartment located above the main street storefronts. In the end, the residential apartments were destroyed and the commercial establishments beneath them were so damaged that the fire department wasn’t sure if the structure could be salvaged.

It took three and a half years, but the building and the businesses that occupy it still very much stand and are as strong as ever. On the first Saturday in June, the owners of Healthy Treasures had much to be happy about as they held a celebration to not only mark twenty years of being in business in Newton Falls, but also to reveal a newly expanded space, the Remedy Café, located in the back of the same building that had been so badly burned not that long ago. Since the fire, Healthy Treasures and its adjacent partner business Health Advocate Services, were temporarily relocated down the street in order to continue serving customers and patients, but Ted and Syndie Suzelis always wanted to return to the spot in the corner of the block.

“It’s great to be back where we were before the fire,” Syndie said. “This is such a sweet little town and we’re grateful to have the support of the community.”

Before cutting the cheerful red ribbon, Mayor Lyle Waddell mentioned he couldn’t believe that it has been twenty years since the Suzelises first opened their family business, and there was no question how the crowd felt about that fact as immediately following his brief remarks, audience members were treated to a flash mob dancing and stepping in sync to the undeniably upbeat song “Happy”.

Though the establishment has received a facelift both inside and out, evolving through the decades to offer new products and classes, the mission is still the same: to help people live more healthfully. Yoga classes, meditation workshops, massage therapy sessions and reflexology are just a few of the ways visitors can help their bodies feel better on the outside while the selection of natural snacks, salads and supplements serve as more than just soul food, assisting those trying to stay on track for a “whole”listic lifestyle.

The weekend festivities certainly encouraged that approach as the party started Friday night with half-price drinks from the new café and a showing of “Super Size Me” complete with organic popcorn. Attendees willing to stay up a little later to wind down in style donned neon t-shirts for a special black light yoga and meditation session to get ready for bedtime as a good night’s sleep was a must in order to wake up bright and early for Saturday’s Sunrise Yoga gathering! Other fun activities were a morning Jog with your Dog and a plethora of workshops throughout the day designed to introduce the staff members and teach participants tips on little adjustments that can make a big impact in how each person lives. As a bonus, everyone who attended the various events earned a raffle ticket that could be used toward an array of great prizes intended to kick off a healthier you!

Although Healthy Treasures and Health Advocate Services are back where they belong, the place they temporarily inhabited has certainly not gone to waste: now dubbed “Creative Collective” the space down the row will be used as a meeting room or a studio for various classes and workshops – whatever the community needs. With plenty of options to explore there really is something for everyone who wants to be a little healthier or a lot, so stop on by the newly revitalized spaces and see how Healthy Treasures can help revitalize you!