Nelson Twp – Nelson Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting at the Community House on October 16, 2013 with all trustees and fiscal officer in attendance. A representative from the Outspoken Wheelman Bike Club was in attendance and thanked the trustees for allowing the club to use the township garage for the North East Ohio Century Bike Ride held in September. He also presented a contract for use of the facility next year as well. The trustees will look over the contract and consider his request. A few residents and a trustee are uncomfortable with renting out the service garage since they really do not have a policy on rental use of that facility. They were also concerned about the safety of those using the facility, along with liability and the inability to secure township equipment and other items stored in the garage.

A resident questioned a zoning change proposal about side yard allowances and questioned why the trustees would change something that was voted on by the township residents. The resident thought the township should place the issue on the ballot. Matota explained how zoning issues get placed on the ballot for townships and then referred him to the zoning commission to get his questions answered on why they are considering the change.

The trustees approved the minutes and expenditures totaling $12,814.26. Fiscal Officer David Finney presented a letter from their health care provider on HIPPA laws. Finney said it was just a routine binding agreement to ensure that their health information is properly redacted before being released. Finney said they already do what the agreement says but they will have their legal counsel look at it before a vote will be taken on the issue.

A discussion was held on having formal written agreements drawn up with other entities that they share roads with.  They will start with Brosius Road and Garrettsville Village. They will have the county engineer survey Brosius Road then meet with the village to determine which entity will maintain which portion of the road and form a written agreement with them.

Discussions were also held about the Pritchard Road water issues. Road Supervisor Chuck Vanek will see if they can cut off the water and run it down to the ravine. The property owner is in agreement with the procedure.  In other road news, they have completed the ditching work on Norton Road.

The trustees approved updating medical boxes at the service garage and Community House. The update will cost $300 for each one.

During the meeting, it was made known that the bat-wing mower the township bought last spring was being run on a trustee’s personal tractor. It came to light that the trustees purchased a piece of mowing equipment earlier this year and did not have an adequate vehicle to use the equipment, causing the residents to question the reasoning behind the decision.

In zoning, Inspector, Anna Mae Vanderhoeven said she contacted the prosecutor about the mobile homes on State Route 422 and he said the trustees will have to issue a letter to the owners giving them 10 days to come up with a demolition plan. They also added more abandoned, neglected houses to the Move Ohio Forward Grant, which funds demolition of abandoned, dilapidated houses. Vanderhoeven said her computer at the office is broken and needs repair. The trustees voted to have it repaired.

Michelle Cmunt reported that she contacted Silver Creek Plumbing and they are unable to help with the handicap accessibility of the restrooms. Cmunt will research a contractor and get a price point for the job. Cmunt also said they have scheduled the floor stripping and the company that is doing the job will show them how to maintain the floors once they are re-finished.

Trustee Joe Leonard reported that they need to obtain certified drawings before anyone will give him an estimate on the fuel tank project. The trustees approved having the certified drawings done.  The trustees also needed to determine a fuel tank size before proceeding with the drawings. They chose to have a 300 gallon fuel tank for the project rather than a 500 gallon tank.

The trustees are moving forward with the salt shed. Mr. Hoover, the builder, will meet with the road supervisor to finalize the grade, and start the permit process.

The meeting was adjourned. The trustees meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 at the Community House.