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Resident Wants an Apology from Elected Official


Nelson Twp. –  The Nelson Township trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 7:30 pm at the community house. Chairman of the Board Tom Matota called the meeting to order and asked if anyone would like to address the trustees with any issues.
Nelson resident, Ted Lysiak introduced himself, gave a brief biography and announced that he is the new superintendent of J. A. Garfield Schools. He also stressed that he has an open door policy and looks forward to the school year.
[quote float=”right”]$1940 a year wasted on obtaining fuel[/quote] A resident addressed the trustees and asked about building a salt shed rather than a fueling system at the township garage. The resident presented the approximate cost of fuel, wages of employee, time spent driving to Garrettsville to get fuel and came-up with a minimum cost $1940 a year wasted on obtaining fuel.  The estimate didn’t include the   actual time fueling, so the cost will be somewhat higher than the estimate. The resident thought that tax dollars would be better spent on getting fuel tanks rather than building  a new salt shed. The chairman said the trustees would take the matter under advisement.
[quote float=”left”]childish and offensive behavior[/quote] The same resident also strongly suggested that Trustee Jim Turos apologize to the residents who attended the last meeting, for his childish and offensive behavior.
(The behavior the resident was demanding an apology for was when Trustee Turos began mimicking driving a tractor in the parking lot and making tractor noises in response to a question asked earlier in that meeting, about why he ditched a previous meeting for a tractor show. Then he bent over shaking his backside at the residents pretending to moon them.) The response was dead silence, so the meeting continued.
Matota said he still had questions on the Portage County Solid Waste District (P.C.S.W.D.) contract for recycling. After some discussion, the trustees decided to table the issue until they can further explore the questionable portions of the contract. P.C.S.W.D. has an informational meeting scheduled later in the month for any township trustee. Trustee Leonard said he would go and see what it all entails.
Fiscal Officer J. David Finney presented the expenditures, the minutes from the previous meeting, bank reconciliation, and new cemetery deeds. The board approved all the measures and signed the deeds.
Matota reported that he spoke with Chief Sanchez from EMS and they were not interested in putting a heli-pad at the front of the park. Terry Allen, member of the Pixley Park Committee will meet with the chief and see if they are interested in one somewhere else in the park before the park committee decides where to construct the pavilion.
In roads, Supervisor Chuck Vanek reported there were some complaints about water drainage issues at the intersection of Hopkins and Pierce Roads. A catch basin was suggested previously, but the landowner failed to act on it.  Vanek said replacing the culvert under the driveway could alleviate some of the problem. Vanek also will shoot some elevations before anything definite is decided on the issue.
The recent storms did minimal damage to the roads but left the township with many washed out berms.  The trustees noted, there was a bridge issue on Brosius Road and said that the county will handle the bridge issue. Vanek estimated they were looking at 40-60 ton of stone to repair the damage to the washed-out road edges.
A discussion was held on purchasing additional temporary high water signs to use when roads become flooded. Matota was concerned that folks unfamiliar with a flooded road after dark could be seriously injured. Vanek will get estimates for 12 signs.
Zoning Inspector Anna Mae Vanderhoeven reported that the resident on State Route 282 has once again violated the zoning code and the court order. He now will be fined $500 for the five days he violated the court order and zoning code.
Trustee Joe Leonard first wanted to squelch the rumors that he is anti-zoning. Leonard adamantly stated that he is not anti-zoning! Leonard reported that he had received complaints from the Amish that their horses’ shoes were getting stuck in the tar on the roads. Leonard suggested adding more stone on the roads to alleviate the problem on the township-owned roads. Leonard also reported that he talked with Chris Meduri on the proposed contract with a landowner near the park for maintenance in exchange for use of the land. Leonard said he was told it is permissible. The salt shed issue was discussed with Leonard saying that after he talked with the township fiscal officer, he feels a salt shed would drain the township’s finance. According to Leonard, there is only $32,000 available for projects for the rest of the year and if they use it on the shed there will be very little left. He believes the township should repair the shed they have, use what funds they have to get a fueling system set-up at the garage and build a new shed next year.
A discussion was held on less expensive options for a compliant fuel system   It was suggested they consider the use of a hand pump verses an electric pump and 300 gallon fuel tank verses a 500 gallon fuel tank, they also discussed guard rails or additional posts and other less expensive options to try to bring the fuel system into compliance. Leonard said he will check and see if the suggested solutions would be permissible by the fire marshal. He also stated that he expects to have figures for the original planned fueling system for the next meeting.  The trustees meet on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 7:30 at the community house. One can find more township news at www.nelsontownshipohio.org.  Residents can also view “unauthorized” videos of the meetings at www.yournelsonnews.com.

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