Set amidst the rolling hills of Kirtland, Ohio dozens of tents of varying colors and sizes punctuated the landscape of Holden Arboretum. Housing everything from animal clinics to local business, and t-shirt to novelty vendors, there was truly something for everyone to see and do. After an impassioned blessing of the animals, attendees were invited to pause for a moment of silence in memory of animals who have suffered abuse, neglect or abandonment; as well as for pets who have recently passed away.
Not even the crisp morning air and intermittent rainstorms could quash the excitement as thousands of dogs, accompanied by their humans, gathered near the starting line of the one-mile dog walk. Leading the pack at this year’s event were Issac and Zoey, who won the honor by participating in Rescue Village’s poetry contest. Throughout the walk, activity stations encouraged walkers to stop and complete various activities with their canine companions.