Have you or someone you know been touched by cancer? Would you like to have this person remembered in a quilt? I am making a Relay for Life quilt that will be raffled off at the Newton Falls relay. This is a quilt to honor those who have been touched by cancer. If you would like to donate a piece of fabric to be a part of this quilt, please drop off a 4 by 5 inch piece of 100% cotton and a note with either “in memory of…” or “in honor of…” the person you know or knew that has struggled with cancer. This person’s name will be put on the backing of the quilt and included in a booklet of stories or comments about the people honored on the quilt. You can drop off your fabric at Sassy Hair-N-Nails, 101 Milton Blvd South (across from IGA). I would like to have the quilt ready in time for the Relay, so please drop off your fabric pieces soon.