Garrettsville – On January 26 the newly formed Regional Economic Development Committee held their first meeting. Led by Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce president (and JAG Superintendent) Ted Lysiak, committee members included Nelson trustee Joe Leonard, Windham trustee Larry Kuhlman, Garrettsville council members Tom Hardesty, Debbie Glass-Wordell and Becky Harrington, as well as local business owners Michelle Zivoder, Darrin Macek, Tom Mikulski and Dave Harrington.

Members of the committee shared their experiences, thoughts and visions of what Garrettsville and the surrounding communities could become by working together, streamlining processes and thinking outside of the box. Open discussion was held with regards to availability of land and available space for housing, retail and industrial businesses and how to attract both residents and business to the area.

Understanding that economic growth is not something that will happen overnight, the group talked about accomplishments they would like see three years from now, and items that could be done now to start the process moving forward.

The group will meet again in February and hopes to engage leaders from Freedom and Hiram Township as well.