There’s tribute and then there’s…TRIBUTE.

Here’s one where some young ladies—not to mention their enthusiastic coach and supporters—played a sport that they love and made a commitment to U.S. Marines and Army vets coming home from service having suffered the loss of limbs and playing softball, inspiring fans with their motto, “Life Without a Limb Is Limitless.”  The girls were playing for the W.W.A.S.T.—Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team.  They raised money for the W.W.A.S.T. as well as meeting the group face-to-face…pretty inspiring…on both sides.

They played in tournaments wearing uniforms that made clear what their cause was and they played some terrific tournaments, winning the Y-town Mayhem Tournament and experiencing amazing plays and tremendous crowd interest over the course of the competition.  The community of Northeast Ohio was involved and 26 players reported for duty—some local(Madison “Maddog” VanKirk, Hannah ”Bigdog” Smith, Gracie Pignaloso, Torrie Gall, Angie Masiello, Colleen ”Red” Coughlin and Alyssa “Domo” Hughes), some not so much.  It was some epic softball, in all sorts of ways : on the field and in hearts and minds.

Thanks go out to GYS, Ohio Outlaws Fastpitch, Lightning Gold, Emeralds, all who participated, all who donated, all who rooted the team on.  Appreciation to coach Tom VanKirk, head coach of the “Lady Warriors” and president of Garrettsville Youth Softball and Ohio Outlaws Fastpitch coach, who put together this memorable experience.

Thanks to our service persons in uniform for the sacrifices made so that these kids can grow up free and safe and able to be just kids.