Several months ago, a little floppy-eared puppy found his way to the office of The Weekly Villager. The editors immediately fell in love with him and didn’t want him to leave. Turns out the puppy didn’t want to leave, either! When I started working for the paper, Doodle Dog decided he liked me best and wanted to tell me his story. He’s a bit shy, so he’s been content to live by our warm fireplace, happily serving as comic relief, guard dog, and occasionally even as proofreader ~ nobody knows how to sniff out the news better than Doodle Dog! ~ but now he’d like to make some more friends. There’s a whole world out there ready to explore!

So, the staff, writers, and editors would like to introduce Doodle Dog, The Villager’s pet pooch, to our readers, young and old, and invite you to come along with our four-legged friend on what is sure to be intriguing insights from a very different point of view. He’s shared his story with me, and I know he can’t wait to share it with you, too!

For Doodle Dog’s debut adventure, he wanted to stay close to home because there are so many wonderful things to see and do right here in Garrettsville! Where do you think he will go this week?

Well, as Doodle Dog padded out the office door, he didn’t quite know where he wanted to go, but a particularly crunchy leaf immediately caught his attention. So many colors and sounds! Do you think he jumped on it to hear it crunch under his four paws? Or do you think he gave a big puff of breath to see it float through the air? Whoooosh! Doodle Dog would have loved to hear the crunch or see it twirl, but he was curious to see what the leaf would do on its own, so he watched it carefully as it spun and dipped lazily on the wind at first and then faster, faster, as it picked up speed. Doodle Dog ran after the leaf, keeping his eye on the bright red spot as it flew nearly out of sight.

He chased the leaf down the boardwalk where it looked like it might float right over the railing and into the water. Oh no! Doodle Dog watched as it teetered on the edge, holding his breath so not to push it over. And then the wind caught it up again, blowing the leaf along the railing, balancing like a gymnast on tiptoe or a tightrope walker. As it went behind all the stores, Doodle Dog followed the leaf through the alley by the bookstore and across the street, eventually finding his way to the clock tower. Bong bong bong! A freshly raked mound at the base of the tower made him stop suddenly. There it was, the bright red leaf right on top! He scampered after it and landed SMACK right in the middle, scattering leaves and twigs EVERYWHERE! The loud chimes rang again. BONG! It would be dark soon, Doodle Dog thought. He should probably get home. But first, a nap in these nice comfy leaves…

Next time you walk by that giant pile of leaves, you might just find Doodle Dog leaping out at you! Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite!