With the freshly made doggie biscuits out of the oven and cooling on top of the counter, Doodle Dog could smell the delicious flavors wafting from the trays, off the tippy top of the table and all the way down to puppy-sniffing level. He could see the steam rising from the still-warm treats as it swished and swirled above the cookie sheets, seemingly twisting and twirling with the yummy scents of the completed recipe. Weaving together on the wind, it appeared that not only were the smells dancing around the bakery kitchen but they were so excitedly looping from one spot to the next it looked as though they might just escape right out the window! Not only did the floppy-eared puppy’s gaze follow the silvery steam and his nose follow the airborne aroma as it circled around the cooking area, but as it went out the exit to the outside world, so did he, chasing it right into the garden behind the store. Still hot on the trail, Doodle Dog emerged from the back door of the bake shop to find that more wonderful whiffs awaited him.

Just beyond the bakery building, a patch of grass served as the perfect place for a picnic and several of the other culinary class participants were already settling in around a beautiful blanket spread over a section of the yard. The soft covering created a cozy space to land as Doodle Dog scampered toward his friends. But before he settled in he wanted to explore the assortment of odors mixing around him! He had been smelling the cookies for a while now, waiting patiently as they baked, and there was a plate near him ready for the picnic, but he couldn’t quite figure out the enticing scents mixing with those tasty treats. The floppy-eared puppy could still see the steam and smell the biscuits, and now his paws could feel the soft sod under him as he searched out this new flavor just tempting him to taste! But what was it and where was it hiding? He paused a moment to listen to the wind gently rustling in the leaves of the nearby trees hoping it would direct him but all he heard was the faint giggling of his friends getting comfortable on the colorful squares covering the ground. Hmmm…

Lush hedges bordered the yard, so high they were that the floppy-eared puppy couldn’t begin to look over them. He bet the taller humans wouldn’t even be able to try to see what was on the other side! Poking out of the thick foliage in its varying shades of green, tiny flowers peeked through as though they were bright polka-dots on someone’s shirt. Tucked into the leafy bushes, the buds seemed cozy and content, their colors calling out to the curious Doodle Dog who immediately snuck a sniff. There! The floppy-eared puppy eagerly bounced from one blossom to the next, promptly poking his nose into the center of each one and drawing in its delicious scent. All around the boundary of the backyard little flowers posed on display in their shrubbery frames and Doodle Dog was determined to smell them all. He was so excited in fact, as he scampered from petal to petal that he nearly forgot about the other source of his nose’s enthusiasm ~ the yummy treats he could actually eat! Distracted by the tempting scents and the eye-catching colors, the floppy-eared puppy didn’t hear his friends telling him the biscuits were ready for munching, nor did his tongue remind him how much he wanted to taste the peanut butter and pumpkin bites he’d made with his very own paws. Well, it probably did, but the floppy-eared puppy was doing a pretty good job ignoring it for the moment! But then, as the soft, silky petals tickled his nose, a leftover drop of dew, cold and wet, stuck to the top of Doodle Dog’s mouth and he instinctively licked it off. It reminded him of the icy treats they had put in the freezer and he suddenly remembered how much he had wanted to try them!

The floppy-eared puppy immediately bounded back to the blanket in search of those puppy popsicles and as soon as the picnic party was in sight he could see the display of everyone’s treats dotting the green grass like the flowers did in the wall of flattened trees. Doodle Dog was glad he could share the treats he helped make! And as everyone else brought their recipes to share too, the arrangement of edibles enticed even the most patient of pups.

Doodle Dog set about excitedly sampling each one, taking in their delicious smells and also the bakers’ gleeful smiles that came with them, each four-legged friend and human too gathered together to enjoy their handmade recipes just as wonderful as the unique posies nearby!

As the afternoon sky melted into its own evening blanket, Doodle Dog couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the summer as it melted into autumn.