Though the insides of the new office were still slightly strange to Doodle Dog, the floppy-eared puppy figured the outsides would still be slightly familiar, so he slipped out the new door to the new porch stoop and onto a sidewalk that seemed a bit strange but indeed a bit familiar too. He remembered that the moving truck hadn’t gone that far at all and that he could still see the old building from where the new building lived. In fact, in all his explorations of the town, there was a good chance that he’d scampered by this very spot several times before this – it was just now a starting point instead of a middle one.

Sure enough, as soon as Doodle Dog’s paws touched the cement everything started to smell the same. The air wafting through town told him exactly where his new beginning spot should be on his mental map and he knew that with a turn here and a twist there he would be properly on his way. Adjusting for the new position, Doodle Dog turned one floppy ear and one paw in the direction of the park hoping to find a mound of snow to roll around in for the day. Winter may be cold and dreary sometimes and even rather mean when it doesn’t let little curious puppies out to play, but it could be nice and useful at times as well such as right now when Doodle Dog was on the hunt for a chilly and refreshing spot to wipe down his fur coat. Twisting and turning on his back in a pile of fluffy, cold snow was a great way to get all the winter dust off!

Scampering down the quite familiar sidewalk, Doodle Dog enjoyed the only-slightly nippy winter air that woke up his nose and kept his eyes wide open. A slightly warm whiff told him spring would be following on the wind soon enough. He loved how the land could transform from season to season, from a beautiful green layer of grass to a lovely shimmering blanket of white, almost as though the earth had dressed up for a special occasion. Even though the floppy-eared puppy knew these lands well, every costume change made it seem like a whole new setting to explore.

There! That looked like an inviting pile of flakes! The floppy-eared puppy found just what he was looking for and immediately bounded into it, not minding if any other creature witnessed his seemingly reckless abandon. Ahhh! Twisting this way and turning that way, Doodle Dog rubbed his back on the soft, cool fluff and instantly felt refreshed. Looking down at his paws, he could see the fresh shimmer all the way from the top of his legs to the bottom of his claws. This little puppy certainly cleans up well! It didn’t take all day to feel frisky again, so off he went in search of another pile to pounce or friend to find.

As Doodle Dog continued to make quick tracks behind him, soon the tracks followed him all the way to the park and the floppy-eared puppy found the tracks slowing down when he saw a group of people seated quietly in rows of white fold-up chairs, dressed in their best. But the people didn’t notice the little curious puppy who changed his pace as their collective gaze was on a princess making her way down the center of the rows of chairs. No, not a princess… Bundled in a soft white coat and holding a bouquet of brilliantly-hued buds, the not-princess followed a trail between the guests. Rose petals tipped with silver from the frost lined the center aisle, sparkling like the glitter on the bride’s dress, and led the way to the front of the group where an arch covered in spirals of white tulle, twinkle lights and more frosted flowers framed a handsome man waiting patiently in a stylish suit for his love to reach him.

Doodle Dog sat quietly at the edge of the square of chairs and smiled when a little girl in a petite party dress waved at him from the front row. Apparently the flower girl noticed the four-legged guest…

After the ceremony concluded with a sweet kiss between the couple, the guests cheered and threw a shower of sparkling rose petals into the air to cover the newlyweds just as the spots of color covered the earth. A few stuck gently to the bride’s white coat and it made it seem as though her dress blended right into the earth, or perhaps even was a magical part of it. Doodle Dog couldn’t imagine having to wear a dress that covered the entire town!

As the chairs emptied and the people followed the couple into the next chapter of their romance story, the floppy-eared puppy joined in the procession, chasing the trail of footprints and rose petals in front of him. Looking down again at his own shimmering steps, Doodle Dog realised that if he twisted his paw and turned his claws just so, the marks in the snow looked like tiny hearts following behind him. For this little puppy, love was in each paw, one step at a time!