Project Be Somebody is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, with a mission to serve the community.   Lisa Booze, founder of the organization and owner of Lisa’s Little Angel Daycare states her goal is to serve the needs of her community and “build a safe environment for our children to grow and develop into responsible community members”.  Lisa is no stranger to giving.  She began her quest to make a difference in her community by giving away Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to needy families she found out about through her business or word-of-mouth.  Being a go-getter, Lisa knew that she could do more and looked for ways to be more involved.

Lisa stated she started Project Be Somebody back in 2008 with a goal of raising funds to renovate the LAC Sports Complex on State Route 82 in Braceville Township.  The goal was to create a place where all children, regardless of their abilities or handicaps they may possess, have equal access and opportunity to play.  Phase one of the project that included building the accessible playground was completed in May 2012.  Phase two, which includes a handicap accessible pavilion with picnic tables and an expansion on playground equipment is currently in the fund-raising stage.  The goal is to raise $20,000 to complete the project.

Lisa states, “Although we had very specific goals to accomplish [at first with the playground project], we soon realized we needed to [broaden] our focus.”   During the last four years, Project Be Somebody has helped raise funds for cancer patients to help defray medical costs.  They’ve also held other community benefit events to help others in need.  Their 2011 Christmas toy drive brightened the holiday for twenty-five families in the area.  Project Be Somebody also carries on Lisa’s original community contribution by giving away Thanksgiving and Holiday baskets every year as well.

Project Be Somebody is also working with Betty’s Angels.   Betty is an amazing woman, who takes in neglected, abused, and battered children and gives them a loving and supportive home. She gets no federal or state funding and is not a foster mother. Betty is the only one in Ohio that does this on her own. She tries to instill a sense of community and charity in her “angels”.  They do many projects for the community including ringing bells during the holiday season for Church Mouse in Newton Falls, and passing out treats and making lap blankets for the residents of local nursing homes. In association with the Catholic Diocese, Project Be Somebody is trying to help her purchase a new home to allow her mission to expand.  The new home will have 20 bedrooms, and room for the kids to play and grow in a wonderful and healthy environment.

To say “thanks” for the generous support Project Be Somebody receives, they hold an annual Free Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt every spring.  The event is their way of showing how much they appreciate the love, support, and help they receive all year long from the community.

Project Be Somebody has many upcoming events and fund-raisers scheduled.  Most recently were the After Dark in the Park Haunted Hayrides which were held  at the Labrae Sports Complex (LAC Ball Fields/ Banks Park). The money raised from this event will go towards phase 2 of the playground project.

For more Project Be Somebody events, watch the “You’re Invited” section of the Villager or you can contact Lisa by calling 330-898-6681, or emailing:   The project and many events can also be found on Facebook by typing in Project Be Somebody in the search bar.