Mantua – The Portage County Soap Box Derby is hosting a Derby Clinic on April 17th from noon to 2 pm. The clinic will be located at the Shalersville Town Hall on the corners of SR 303 and SR 44.

The clinic is for people interested in finding out more about derby racing and those persons currently racing who would like to learn ways to tune a derby car to make it run faster.

There will be at least two derby technicians present at the clinic. One of the technicians will discuss and show the construction of a derby car kit.

The second technician will demonstrate details to improve car speed.

Those new people attending will also be given a ticket that will allow them to ride down the hill at Derby Downs on May 14th and 15th in Akron to see if they enjoy derby racing.

The goal of the Portage County Derby this year is to have at least one driver from each township in Portage County. Some townships have never had a racer in the last 10 years of Portage County racing.

The Portage County Derby has a limited number of corporate cars available for racers to use at our local race. These cars are on a first-come basis. They are free to use. They may be used at rally races around the northeast U.S. area. These races are held year round, indoor and outdoor.

Derby racing is a truly family affair, and gravity does not discrimiate because of sex, size, or  physical limitations of a child.

In order to race, a child must  be 8 years old and not over the age of 17.

For more information, contact Dean Olson at 330-351-3035 or Kelly Heritage at 330-541-1075.