Words of comfort, thoughts of disbelief, and so many things we wish we had said. “Only the good die young” seems to be the phrase uttered on repeat. While no life seems long enough, just shy of 19 years is far too short. In his short time, our Ryan touched so many. Our community is at a loss. If you didn’t know Ryan, you had heard of him. His larger-than-life personality, his work ethic, and his business abilities all spoke volumes about his character. He was loved by many; the pride and joy of his family. To know Ryan was to love him. It was evident Friday evening the many lives he had touched, as the trucks rolled by, you could feel the love people had for him outweighing the disbelief of his sudden passing. He touched and influenced more people in his short life then some people would be able to in 100 years. To begin to understand why our Ryan was taken so soon is something our mortal minds will never grasp. As the shock begins to wear off and the reality that he is really gone sets in, let us hold dear the memories he left us with. Remember the beautiful blue-eyed boy who stole our hearts with his larger-than-life personality. Remember the mischievous young man who was always on the go. Remember the honest, hard-working boy who never let the possibility of failure stop him from trying. Remember the quick wit and humor that made him a joy to be around. Remember the kindness he possessed that transcended generations and made him who he was. Remember the slow smile and shine in his eyes that let you know he was up to something. Remember the cloud of black smoke that let you know he was near. Remember the love and loyalty he was capable of, that made being his friend an honor. Remember the excitement he had for life. Remember how he loved his family. Remember his thirst for knowledge. Remember the times we were blessed with by sharing his life. Remember the tears we shed at his passing. Remember how he made this community a better place. The loss of our Ryan runs deep, but we can keep his memory and values alive in our hearts, maybe try to see the world as Ryan did, it will make our world a better place, a world of endless possibilities, where everyone is counted a friend. That’s the world Ryan lived in and look at the impact he had on all of our lives. Rest in peace, sweet boy, it was an honor to have known you, and see what a wonderful young man you turned in to.