Ravenna – Oak Branch Garden Club will be holding a Vintage Style Show at 1:30 on June 25 at The Portage County Gardeners Center 5154 Prospect Street in Ravenna. The Oak members have a woolen swim suit from the early 1900’s as well as a Civil War era hoop skirted dress, pioneer dress, and several flapper dresses from the 20’s to model. They also have a mourning dress from the 1890’s. The time period covered will be 1860 through the Hippie and Disco eras. The show will also feature some vintage hats, purses, jewelry and gloves. You will learn about how women’s fashion evolved and what current events forced some of the changes in women’s attire. Dessert will be served, as well as favors, and door prizes. Come and bring your daughters, sisters, and aunts and enjoy an afternoon of fashion through the ages for only $10. Please make a prepaid reservation by calling Martha Heller at 234-678-7638 or Becky Head at 330-296-5413.