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Pixley Park Ball Field To Get Bleachers


Nelson Twp. – Nelson Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting recently with all members and fiscal officer present.

The road supervisor Chuck Vanek reported that they had been working on hot patching on the following roads Adams, Pritchard, Prentiss and half of Bancroft roads. Vanek also stated that they were working on getting the township roads mowed as well. The new water well at the township garage is drilled and the water is better but no one has actually tasted it to see if it is. The bathrooms at the town ship garage need attention. Mrs. Vanderhoeven who cleans the facility stated that the urinal in the men’s room needs repaired as well as the toilet in the ladies room. Vanek said he would take care of it.

Trustee Bill Wilson reported that they were pulling the generator out of the old ambulance and it would be up for sale if anyone was interested.

Trustee Joe Leonard reported that the well was drilled and the water still has an oil smell to it but it looks better than the old well water. Aces Water Service got the approval from the county to fill the old well with concrete rather than the usual Bentonite. The oil in the well will cause the bentonite to break down where as the concrete will not be affected by the oil. Aces Water Service is considering flushing the new water well to remove any oil deposits that might be in it. The township hasn’t received an invoice for the work yet so the total cost for the new well in not known yet.

Pixley Park:   The trustees agreed to remove the sod from the batters boxes and replace it with gravel. They also agreed to put in a fire pit at the park for roasting hot dogs and such. In other park news the concrete slabs for the bleachers are poured and the bleacher will be installed soon. Thanks to the Pixley Park committee for picking up the tab for the bleachers and concrete at the park.

The trustees also decided to put in a yard hydrant at the park, so they will have access to water.
Fiscal officer J. David Finney presented the board with the new insurance option for the fiscal officer and the one trustee who was under a different policy. After explaining what the township could legally do with the option the two who it affected agreed to voluntarily go with the new option thru Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority (OTARMA) The switch over could save the township as much as $12,000 – $20,000 depending on the number of health claims filed.

Questions were raised about the grass issue at the corners of SR 88 and Ely Roads.  Trustee Bill Wilson stated he would get someone to cut the grass to improve visibility at the intersection. Trustee Leonard stated that the old turkey farm property is under receivership and currently they have been advised by the prosecutor to stay off the land. A resident questioned why the zoning inspector hadn’t been up there to see what kind of mess they would be leaving for the township to clean-up. Leonard said he will inquire with the prosecutor on the issue, but as right now the owner has denied the zoning inspector access to the property. A resident questioned about having the meetings video taped and put on the web site. Leonard said he was ok with it, but after a discussion about storage of videos and other liabilities no decision was made on the issue.
In zoning inspector Anna Mae Vanderhoeven reported that the Board of zoning appeals will hear two cases next week for variances. She also reported that board member Chuck Sharp turned in his resignation effective immediately. Mr. Sharp cited health reason for the resignation. The trustees meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 at the community house. More township news is available on the web at www.nelsontownshipohio.org