Garrettsville – Chris Perme believes in the power of collaboration to achieve the best possible results for his clients. As a twenty-five year financial advisor, one of Perme’s greatest strengths is his ability to coordinate planning efforts and tactics with attorneys, CPAs and other advisors with whom a client is already likely engaged—helping ensure that all advisors are communicating with each other and working together to create an integrated strategy to keep their mutual client financially healthy. 

Photo by Benjamin Coll

After graduating college in 1989, Perme began his career as a representative with a large financial services company. About a year later, a friend of his father’s – a retired executive  was concerned about his retirement security and  approached him about his retirement income lasting the rest of his lifetime. While working for this gentleman Perme came to understand that most people are so concerned about saving for retirement that they never take time to think about spending in retirement, and soon he became the “go-to” financial professional for this type of planning. When working for retirees, Perme gets a special satisfaction out of easing their discomfort and fears. “People think it’s too late for planning when they are retired, and they often believe no one can help them,” Perme says. “I show then that’s not true, and with my help they can live the life they wanted.”

In addition to his work with clients, Perme is very active in the local community as a volunteer and advocate. He founded Garrettsville’s Economic Development Group, a team of professionals working to attract and retain local businesses and support a solid tax base in the community. Perme was also instrumental in the passing of several  school levies where he served as treasurer on the levy committees, which provided the resources that helped the district achieve the top testing results in the state. He also serves on the board of the Nelson Garrettsville Community Cupboard food bank. Perme was also nominated for a position on the board of Robinson Memorial Hospital.

While many know that Chris Perme’s mission as a financial professional is to impact people’s lives for the better, few realize that they can seek his guidance for free by scheduling an initial consultation.