Alex Gage had the top scores in the 9:00 Trio league for the second week in a row.  Alex, whose average is now 115,...


Estate planning is a task that people tend to put off, as any discussion of “the end” tends to be off-putting. However, those who...


If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. We’ve finally seen the end of the political ads (Do you ever get the feeling that the only...


If you’d like to see a Chandler painting in person, the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown has “Scene in the Adirondacks” in its collection.


I got to know pretty much most of their customers by their pictures and crazily made up names like AnAn, Sexygurl, and Poosie Suzie which invariably were sent to me over and over and over again. I have trouble remembering names, except for one unfortunate, ill-chosen name –Msphyllis—(yes, I read and re-read that one several times to make sure that it wasn’t what I initially thought it was) but if I see a face once I remember it forever.