Hiram – Let’s face it. We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture. We’re fascinated by Charlie Sheen’s meltdowns, Lindsey Lohan’s on-going rehab saga, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s libidinous adventures and crave the latest scoop on the Kardashian clan. Even in a tough economy, celebrity magazines continue to enjoy robust sales, as Americans just can’t seem to get enough of their favorite stars. To celebrate that obsession, there’s Celebritease!, an outrageous new fast-paced game that tests players’ knowledge of celebrities. Think of it as part Charades, part Trivial Pursuit. Celebritease! was created by the Communications Factory, a creative boutique in Cleveland.

“Surveys show Americans can more readily name celebrities than important people who have tremendous impact on our lives, like Supreme Court judges,” notes Brad Turner of the Communications Factory. “This game is a natural extension of our fixation with celebrities.”

[pulledquote]”Players will enjoy playing again and again!”[/pulledquote]Celebritease! is designed for players age 12 and older. It comes in a colorful tin (referred to as the “Hollywood Bowl”) and consists of a 60-second timer, 216 celebrity and 24 wildcard chips. The object is to accumulate the most celebrity chip points by the time the “Hollywood Bowl” is empty. The leader, or “teaser,” of the starting team selects a celebrity chip from the Hollywood Bowl while someone else starts the timer. The teaser then has one minute to give clues – singing, dancing, drawing, acting out or speaking – to help his or her teammate identify as many celebrities as possible in that time. Clues can include anything except the actual name of the celebrity. “Celebritease! features the famous from all walks of life – Hollywood, the sports world, politicians, musicians, even well-known writers and fictional characters,” Turner explains. “So, regardless of your background or interests, it’s as simple as it is fun. And since the game play is different each time, players will enjoy playing again and again.”

According to Turner, the fun doesn’t stop with just this version of Celebritease!, however. “Future editions, such as a children’s version, sports eras, Biblical characters, history, and more are already in the works.” Celebritease! is manufactured and assembled in Northeast Ohio and is currently available at Myriad Games in New Hampshire, Games by James stores in Minnesota and Time Well Spent in Colorado. It’s also available at each store’s online properties: https://shop.gamesalute.com, gamesbyjames.com and www.timewellspentgames.com. Suggested retail price for Celebritease! is between $20-25. For more information about Celebritease!, like us on Facebook or call us at 330.697.9320.