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The Hiram Community Chorus Program will be at 7:30 on Friday, December 7, 2012.   Mea culpa!  Must have been thinking of some OTHER festivity going on during this busy holiday season.  Wasn’t there a movie with a title something like, “Every Night, Josephine”?  That’s what it’s like around here (Well, not quite.  Jacqueline Susann wrote the book the movie was made from; she also wrote the book, Valley of the Dolls, which was–probably–steamier than it is around here…though, you never know). 

Luckily, the ever-vigilant Bernice Smith called and alerted me to the error and Herself, Damaris Peters Pike, did the same, pointing out my chronological faux pas in the pleasantest possible way.

However, that was not the end of it. Zut alors!  It turns out that I also misstated the date of the James A. Garfield Historical Society’s Christmas party, which will be on December 10 (Monday), NOT on the 12th(Wednesday).  This could get serious!   For the concert–at Hiram Christian Church–early arrivers  might just be seated and listen to the warming-up exercises and admire the lovely venue–stained glass, decorations, Holtkamp organ, etc.– until the program began but–in the case of the JAGHS– if the refreshments arrived on the 10th and the consumers of same didn’t show up until the 12th, things could get ugly.

Anyway, the holiday season is now in full swing.  St Ambrose presented its Christmas concert on Sunday evening, featuring the adult choir, the bell choir and the O.K. Chorale (children’s choir)–I just love that play-on-words name–to a full house.  There were soloists, percussionists, masked comedians, an instrumentalist playing a totally-cool wind synthesizer which could sound like at least a good half-dozen instruments.  Much enjoyment.  Many children arrayed in red-and-green-and-sparkly-lace-and-velvet seasonal haute couture which you won’t see them in again until next Christmas.   That Jean Marvin, she knows how to make a joyful noise. Great stuff!

Then, on the 9th of December, this Sunday, the Garrettsville United Methodist Church will take the stage–or the chancel, actually–presenting a bevy of bell choirs and  the chancel choir, under the direction of Jeanette Poole, Linda Fall and Max Jackson, respectively.  The new organ will be in evidence, as will a trumpeter and who-knows-what-all  for your Advent/Christmas listening pleasure.  No cymbals or stringed instruments (and my timbrel is in the shop for a tune-up) but lots of music, nonetheless.

Charles Wesley would be proud (And probably would compose yet another hymn/anthem in sheer jubilation.  “Come Thou Long-expected Jesus” and “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”  are his best-known outpourings).

Another  enticing  thing–ongoing–that one might want to take in, would be the light-and-sound extravaganza out at the Candlelight Winery on Center Rd., Garrettsville.  Thousands of lights, a myriad of tunes, a sip…or two…of an adult beverage (hot or cold) to add to the cheer, heck, the display could MAKE a weekend.  Invite family, friends and neighbors; it’s practically the Rockefeller Center…no skaters on the pond, though (no Rockettes in the bushes either)..

Maybe you are of a Medieval turn of mind?  Welllll, have we got an event for you!  The Yuletide Revels will be presented in the Iva Walker Auditorium (Where DO they get these feudal names?) at James A. Garfield H.S. on December 15.  There’ll be feasting and dancing, lords and ladies, knaves and serving wenches, singing of ye olde carols and other amusements suitable for noble audiences.  Watch for jesters and jugglers to amuse the peasants among us (O.K., the king chuckles too) and a groaning board of tasty viands fit for a Queen (Why should the King get all of the good stuff?). Forsooth!  Get you to a reservation, forthwith.  Call (The delivery-page system is down) James A. Garfield High School to reserve tickets.  Polish your armor.

And there’s more!  Check the You’re Invited section to see what else is going on.  No excuse for not finding SOMEPLACE to pick up your quotient of the Christmas Spirit.