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ODNR Holding Informational Meeting


Heard about “Injection Wells”?  Wonder what they’re all about?

ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) will hold a public informational meeting on May 30 from 5:30 TO 7:30 at the Pine Tree Lodge, Wingfoot Lake State Park, 993 Goodyear Park Blvd., Mogadore, OH 44260.  This meeting is ODNR’s response to citizens’ questions about seven injection wells  for shale drilling waste (Class II) proposed for a  single property in NE Portage County.  The same property has two well pads for deep shale horizontal production wells, with horizontal “laterals” in close proximity to the injection wells.   Citizens concerned about the safety of siting two horizontal production and seven waste injection  wells in such close proximity requested a public hearing to have their health and safety concerns addressed.  Portage already has 17 Class II wells; with 7 more, we’ll have one of the highest number of injection wells in the state.  By some reports the number of injection wells in Ohio may double in the next few years.  In 2012, 99 million gallons of oil & gas waste were disposed of in Portage County alone.  You may have an injection well near you in the future:  Come and hear what ODNR  has to say.