On the first day of school for James A. Garfield School District, retirees–teachers, tutors, custodians, bus drivers, secretaries, cafeterians, et al, were all invited to lunch at Roby Lee’s in Newton Falls to observe the occasion with “two hoots and a holler” and reminiscences aplenty.  There was catching up to be done– travelogues, reports on well-remembered students and their accomplishments, health status messages, family news …children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, even.  How has the Stotler Orchard been doing? Late frost and drought, don’t ask.  How was that trip?  Scenic and terrific, I have pictures.

The outdoor picture session was cancelled on account of rain but the roving photographer got “glam shots” of the assembled company a table at a time.  Contact information was checked and items “for the good of the order”  were brought up, including the collection for the Retirees Scholarship Fund, which this year awarded two scholarships, to Paige Vanderhooft and Jayde Veon; it continues.

Nobody even gloated…much.