The Super Bowl is over and now my ultimate favorite sporting event is about to begin! I love watching the Olympics – especially the Winter Olympics. Sure, there are the normal favorites of skiing, ice skating and hockey. But I really like watching some of the other sports,  my favorite Olympic sport is Curling. Most people find it quite dull but I am just amazed on the teamwork, the precision, the focus and how the smallest mistake can change the game. 

So while I settle in to watch Curling, this year I am especially focused on watching the Olympics since they are in Sochi. As an area that really isn’t known for its wine – the focus on Sochi is revitalizing the wine and beer industry there.

While I have mentioned in past articles that grapevines like to be in warmer temperatures, Sochi has some ideal conditions for growing grapes. Looking back to the Winter Olympics in British Columbia in 2010, the climates for grape growing are quite different. Since the temperatures are much cooler that far north in British Columbia, grape growers pay close attention to what they plant and when they can harvest the grapes. Most of the grapes grown in British Columbia have a thicker skin which contains more Resveratrol (a chemical that protects from bacteria) which has greater health benefits than some American wines.

Since Sochi actually sits at the bottom of Caucasus Mountains and on the shores of the Black Sea the weather can be similar to a normal winter in Cleveland. Thankfully the variety of weather throughout the region allows wineries to plant a wide selection of grape varietals to suit the needs of most wine drinkers. While I’m still looking for a wine to try from Sochi, I am definitely looking forward to watching the Games.

So while you sit back and enjoy the Olympics this year, I recommend looking around for a couple of wines from around the world to cheer on your favorite team.


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