The dust has not settled for these derby racers as they travel the country pursuing excellence in Soap Box derby racing.  Portage County had 2 rally racers last year, this year there are 8 rally racers pursuing their goal to be the world champ at Derby Downs next year.  There is a rally race almost every week-end, somewhere in the U.S. They have raced in Columbus, Lancaster, Akron, Cleveland Charleston, WV, Owensboro, KY, Dubois, PA. So far these 8 racers have accumulated a grand total of 25 trophies.  Travis Adkins, last year’s masters champ, and his brother Matt are leading the field with 2-first place finishes each, and are close to qualifying  in points for next years race.  There are a few outdoor races left this year and all of the racers are planning to race in them.  At a race there are 20 to30 racers per race division, only the top 8 receive rally points.  Many times racers will enter two races per day, and may race Saturday and Sunday.  By the end of  October racing stops in Ohio due to the weather.  Race organizations try to find an indoor location to sponsor a race, an empty box store building is perfect.  Temporary ramps are used to propel racers down a track 200 feet long.  Out of the weather, having fun, and thinking about racing in warmer weather.
If anyone knows of a site the Portage County Derby could use for indoor racing, or is interested in racing go to