Celebrate the anniversary of the 1969 landing of the first men on the Moon by viewing it through our great telescope. The observatory will be open on Saturday, July 20th from about 9:30 to 11:00 PM (may be open a little early since the Moon will be full and bright). When the sky becomes darker we will also take a look at Saturn and later, perhaps, a star cluster. The Observatory is located on Wakefield Road (Rt. 82) less than a quarter of a mile west of Route 700 in Hiram. Good sky conditions are critical to viewing; for updates and more information, see the observatory’s Web site: StephensObservatory.org or “@StephensObs” on Twitter.
No reservations are required and there is no admission fee for observatory public nights. Cloudy skies at the starting time cancel the event and, in that case, the observatory will not open. There is no parking at the Observatory. Visitors may park on permissible side streets or in the nearby parking lot of Harrison’s Hideaway Convenience Store, 6821 Wakefield Road, a short distance east of the observatory.