Newton Falls – Newton Falls Police Dept received a grant, in the amount of $50,000 from the office of Mike DeWine, State Attorney General, to better address the opioid crisis plaguing our area. Proudly, of the $3 million dollars in grants throughout the state given to 40 Law Enforcement Agencies, Newton Falls was one of 19 agencies in Northern Ohio to be approved.

Chief Gene Fixler, who attended the news conference in Strongsville stated that his department will work vigorously to assist those who have overdosed, to try to get them help towards recovery, in a program that is locally called H A L O, Helping Addicted Loved Ones, which was actually coined by a well-known city employee. Chief Fixler has also recently teamed up with PAARI (Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative), a nationwide group, for guidance in piloting our own program, and a local Cuyahoga County group, Safe Passages Initiative.

Money from this grant will be used “strategically” for both covert operations and to help in recovery. The covert operation will be to vigorously work to identify drug dealers and put them in prison, while working in cooperation with civic organizations, churches, and recovery centers to assist those addicted to get and stay clean.

Newton Falls Police is also active with T.A.G., the county drug enforcement group.