Newton Falls – The Kiwanis Club of Newton Falls welcomed seven new members this year.  Some members were invited to join by friends; others wanted to take part in the many activities that benefit Newton Falls residents and children, especially after reading the newspaper articles about this service organization.

new-2013-kiwanis-members-IMG_3465We asked these members why they joined or what activities they particularly liked.  Next week we’ll share more.  Of those pictured:

Rita Sano wanted to join a service organization in her retirement.  She has worked online to complete the distinguished club award application with president Bob Wujcik.  She enjoyed working at our Junior Olympics in May and also selecting used books from the library to be donated to students in the backpack food program.

Cassie Stroup likes getting involved with community activities after living away from here for several years.  Her favorite was the Labor Day race, “the first race I ever participated in, and I enjoy seeing other new runners complete this for the first time.”

Bobbi Williams wants to help our community in any way she can, including getting involved in Kiwanis’s many activities and also fundraising behind the scenes.

Kathy Wujcik enjoyed working at the cakewalk and the NFHS senior service day at Veterans Park.  She created the club’s new website and writes many newspaper articles.  She works with the books-in-backpacks program and coordinates prizes with the Church Mouse for senior citizen bingo at Laurie Ann Nursing Home.

Bruce Simpson is amazed at how our small group can accomplish so much.  We take an idea, develop and plan it, and get so much done for the community.  “It’s like we’re Robin Hoods going out to help others,” he commented.  The Halloween cake walk was a fun community event.  “I like that Kiwanis has international projects, too.”

Kiwanis meets Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at Covered Bridge Inn Restaurant,  22 W. Broad, Newton Falls, except for the last Tuesday of the month, which is bingo night at Laurie Ann and Allan Dell.  Please consider joining us.  See more at .