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Newton Falls – March’s meeting of the Newton Falls Area Commerce Association tied up a few loose ends and set plans moving forward while discussing ideas for creating new opportunities for professional growth.

The agenda opened with time for special presentations and this month featured [member], the law offices of Turner, May & Shepherd. Representative Robert Gensler, Jr. took the floor for a few moments to explain that the firm handles matters such as probate law, including estates and family law, including adoptions, in addition to several other areas of the legal system. Bob also mentioned the importance of having a will in place so that the government is not left to decide how one’s wishes are to be carried out. Next month will feature “Santa” Rick Kerlin of Our Towne Construction.

After the financial report and previous minutes were approved, it was mentioned that the audit for last year’s records has been completed and “everything is fine.” New members Accurate Land Surveying from Austintown, and the 4th of July Committee from Newton Falls were voted into membership. Then the schedule turned to old business which included discussion about planning for Small Business Saturday, possibly in conjunction with the annual car show. A final design for the new streetlamp banners was chosen to feature alternating messages of “Welcome” and “Shop Local.” More information was presented about the option of enstating a merchant credit/locally-owned debit card but it was expressed that this sort of program is usually implemented by larger communities with a greater number of merchants involved and therefore does not appear to be feasible for Newton Falls at this time.

By way of new business, the exploration of a welcome packet was tabled until next month and the agenda moved to several changes that have been proposed to the existing NFACA by-laws. A committee has been formed to review the proposals in depth, with Mr. Gensler in particular as one of those participating, to give advice pertaining to the legal aspects of the document.

The city manager was not present, so Paul Woodard, school superintendent, took the extra time as an opportunity to mention updates concerning the school system legislation and changes in evaluations, 3rd grade reading programs, and the fact that the House and Senate are in discussion of what to do about calamity days. He also noted that the school’s track is aging, before concluding with comments regarding a recent bomb incident which is being reviewed with a crisis committee. Chief Fixler added that “there are a hundred versions of what went on that day,” cautioning citizens with “don’t believe everything you see on facebook.” “The fact of the matter is, all the kids were safe and it was handled appropriately,” he assured. Superintendent Woodward reiterated the reassurance “Our first priority is the kids.”

The next NFACA meeting will be noon on Tuesday, April 8 at Roby Lee’s.