Newton Falls – Opening the March meeting of the Newton Falls Area Commerce Association, President Lyle Waddell mentioned that he had been repeatedly receiving calls from a production company interested in promoting the town by way of some type of video such as a mini movie or a commercial. Details of the potential project and the exact intention of the company are as of yet unclear, so Mr. Waddell stated he will look further into the matter before seriously considering the pitch. Also under the communication category, Secretary Lara Reibold suggested making progress on a suggestion that would allow members to use the Association’s logo with the statement “Proud member of…” on their business cards, individual websites, or as a decal in their shop windows to announce their status as a member in good standing.

As usual, the financial report was presented with nothing out of the ordinary and the minutes from the February meeting were approved.

In old business, the banner variations-in-progress will be presented at the April meeting, and an update on advertising methods was given. An ad welcoming the new members of 2012 was placed in The Bridge’s latest edition, a design which utilized the branding of the website to stay as consistent as possible with association publications. It also mentioned the website and encouraged readers to “like” the NFACA’s page on Facebook which will feature the working banner design as its cover photo for the time being. Further ads, spread among the three member papers, will rotate a different selection of members each month so that every member is spotlighted in print within the coming year.

In new business, Home 44444 the Holidays was the hot topic, as last year’s event had been cancelled due to lack of available volunteers. The association is considering reinstating the popular festivities, however it cannot be done without help. Another association-sponsored event, the City-Wide Yard Sale, was also discussed, as well as bringing back a town favorite “Dicker Days” to showcase the local businesses and what they have to offer. Details on these events will be forthcoming.

Also in new business, and with the goal of moving forward in the new year, a motion was presented to join the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Youngstown and Warren which would expand the reach of the NFACA and offer new opportunities for networking and various other benefits. Literature concerning this option was available for perusal and the motion successfully passed.

The city manager’s report mentioned that the Charter Review Commission is well underway. The committee, appointed every five years, is meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6pm at City Hall to review the town’s charter and make suggestions for changes to help the community run more efficiently. Also to be noted is that completed city surveys have been making their way to City Hall with a wide range of responses. Spring is almost here and that means the flowers in town are starting to be put up. If anyone would like to make a monetary donation to help with the cost of the city’s beautification, please contact the city manager’s office for more details at (330) 872-0806. A donation of $75 will receive a donor plaque on a basket, but any amount is appreciated. Community Clean Up Day will be scheduled for late April or early May, usually from 9am-11am on a Saturday morning. The official date will be determined. There are several areas around town that can be freshened up as well as some “unfinished business” from the Make a Difference Day last fall.

In other news, The Bridge newspaper’s brick and mortar office is now closed, however the paper is still being put together remotely. Most of the contributors to the paper work from home as a side job or a hobby and it is simply not economical for the paper to maintain an office. There is still a drop box at the previous location – the building they shared with Sole Realty across the street from the Cole Valley dealership.

Before the meeting adjourned, it was mentioned that one of the “4”s on the sign by Route 5 has fallen off again. It will be replaced as soon as someone can get the equipment over there to put it back up. The marshy land in front of the sign can pose a problem, but the association is working on it!

Also of note, Our Towne Construction was welcomed in as a new member. “Santa” Rick Kerlin will be opening the business in the building where Art Effects and Newton Falls Printing are located, at 31 East Broad Street, near the new fire station. Plans to renovate that plaza are in the works as well. Speaking of membership procedures, renewals will be going out soon as dues are expected in May of each year. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 9th at noon.