Newton Falls – The February 6, 2017 meeting was called to order then everyone in attendance was asked to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. On the wall directly behind council is the seal of the city. On the seal is the city motto, “Working Toward A Better Tomorrow.”
Mayor Waddell gave opening remarks and instructions regarding public comments then led with his report. He is continuing to move forward with trying to bring new businesses to the city. Then individual members gave their reports.

Councilman Zamecnik attended the Parks and Recreation meeting. Councilman Stimpert attended the Joint Fire Department meeting. He reported on the number of calls out by the city, the township and mutual responses. He also mentioned the fire department is looking into purchasing a large ladder truck.
Councilman Beers attended the Planning and Zoning meeting and reported on that. Then councilman Alberini reported on manpower issues regarding the police department. All council members showed appreciation for the chief and officers for all of the work they do.
Most citizens do not understand how the police and firemen put their lives on the line to protect and serve the city. Council would like to add another officer to the police department. Hopefully, there will be money available in the future to do that.

Minutes for previous meetings were approved. There was a public hearing on Ordinance 2017-1, amending ordinances to establish a fee schedule. This was passed and will help the city recoup costs it incurs. Another ordinance that passed will give city employees a 1% raise this year. Employees have not had a raise since January 2010.

Rezoning of land on Center Street passed. Two other ordinances were read, discussed and passed. They will help council with work it does in the future. Reports by boards and commissions were read and accepted.

Then a motion was made to discuss and set goals and expectations for the city manager.  A worksheet was passed out to council members. Each council member will work on these and they will be discussed at a future meeting. Members were reminded that goals should be attainable and measureable.

During closing comments, councilman Baryack talked about public safety and thanked Chief Gene Fixler and the officers that serve with him. Councilman Stimpert reminded everyone that public safety for all ages is important. Councilman Alberini reminded everyone in attendance that a lot of good work is being done to move the city forward. The mayor then closed the meeting.

Because of President’s Day the next scheduled meeting is Tuesday February 21, 2017 at 6pm. Meetings are open to any resident. Residents who attend will not only be able to see the city seal and read its motto, they will also be able to hear firsthand how the mayor and council work together to move the city forward toward a better tomorrow.