Portage County – As many of our readers know, I have recently been elected as a County Commissioner.  Along with Maureen Frederick and Chris Smeiles, my job as Commissioner is to oversee the operations and budget of the county including employees and facilities.  This column will provide updates of issues before the Board of Commissioners.  Like all government meetings in Ohio, our meetings are open to the public.  We generally meet beginning at 9:30 am on Tuesday and Thursday.  The agenda for any given session is available at www.portageco.com.  Please join us and hear for yourself what is new in our county!

The beginning weeks of the year have been busy.  After much public debate, we will have a public-private partnership for economic development beginning February 1.  Although the county is the initial stakeholder and investor, the Portage Development Board has assured the county taxpayers that private investment is on its way.

The week of January 24 will be almost exclusively dedicated to the decision of whether to annex a parcel of property from Hiram Township to Hiram Village.  After this hearing concludes, the Board of Commissioners will issue a decision within 30 days as provided by Ohio law.

This column represents only the personal opinions and perspectives of Tommie Jo Marsilio and does not represent the position, statement, or official record of the Portage County Board of Commissioners.