Mantua – According to Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Village Council has cancelled a public hearing that was originally scheduled for March 17th to discuss amending the zoning map of the Village, as specified in Ordinance 2015-01. Upon further consideration, Council voted to table the proposed ordinance, which will be reviewed and discussed at greater length in both Service and Finance Committee meetings before another public hearing is rescheduled.

Moving forward, the Parks Committee provided special event forms and requested team manager for contact information from both Hot Stove and Ponytail leagues’ in order to determine effective schedules for both leagues practices and games on the Village’s fields this spring. In addition, Council approved the special event request for Art on the Hill to be held on Saturday, July 11th.

In other news, Police Chief Harry Buchert announced that his Department has an open position for a part-time dispatcher. For more information, visit the Village’s web site, in addition, this month Mayor Linda Clark swore in a new part-time Auxiliary Police Officer, Steven Gregg.

In her report, Mayor Clark announced that the Village received certification from the Department of Interior for the Certified Local Government Program under the National Historic Preservation Act. Mayor Clark remarked, “I spoke with Nathan Bevil, from the Ohio Historical Society; I let him know that Planning is reviewing the legislation for possible recommendations to Council in the next few months.” Should Council agree, a training class will be held by the Ohio Historical Society for the Historic Landmark Commission members and members of Council. More details will be forthcoming in the future.

Next, Ms. August reported that the financial reports for 2014 have been closed out, and the audit is currently in process. She also shared an invitation with Council for coffee and conversation with Crestwood Superintendent David Toth on March 12th any time from 7 – 9 am at the Pupil Services Building (4571 West Prospect Street).

Lastly, the Village of Mantua will consider joining a consortium of local municipalities to consider private companies, in place of Portage County services, to deal with solid waste. The communities considering privatization include Hiram Township, Hiram Village, Mantua Township, Shalersville Township, Streetsboro, Aurora and Ravenna. Communities would be allowed to opt-in, and once a contract is developed, there will be a bidding process, which has yet to be determined. According to Mayor Clark, “We are talking about combining trash pickup and recycling together, in order to get the best price for our residents.”

The next regularly schedule meeting of the Mantua Village Council will be held on Tuesday, March 17th at 7 pm. Residents are encouraged to attend.