Garrettsville –  As  we enter the fall/winter season I would to like reflect back on  the spring/summer. A big thank you to the Silver Creek Garden Club & our Street Department for the beautiful hanging flower baskets and plantings around the Village. I received many compliments, most stating that these were the best that they had ever seen. They were the favorite colors of a special lady who had been very involved in the garden club. What a nice tribute to Faye Carlisle. This is where you can help. The funds for the flower basket program are at a low point and need to be built back up so that this program can continue. The cost every year is approximately  $3,000. Any donation would be appreciated and can be sent  to Garrettsville Chamber of Commerce PO Box 1 Garrettsville, Ohio 44231.

Thank you to Jeff Sheehan & the Water Department for their supervision and assistance on the much needed water line replacement on North Street. Thank you to you the residents for being  patient during the construction process. It actually was completed almost a month ahead of deadline.

Thank you to Councilwoman Harrington and Council President Hardesty for their involvement with the grant received and supervision to replace the Main Street  sidewalks in the burned out area. In the next few weeks trees will be planted, street lights will be installed and  there will be planters by spring.

The leaf vacuum pick up will be starting  in the next few weeks. Please put your leaves on the tree lawn and not on the street.

The last day of pick up of  branches and limbs will be Monday  November 2nd.

I hate to even say it but snow will be coming in the near future and we need to remember to be patient, the Street Department will do its best to get the roads and sidewalks cleared quickly.

Something that I have observed periodically is that vehicles do not always stop at crosswalks. Please remember to stop at all crosswalks and the Headwaters Trail. It is the law.

I have also received a few complaints of placement of election signs on properties. Please ask permission of the property owner before placement.

Remember Election Day is November 3rd.

Remember Veterans Day on Wednesday November 11th. Portage County has a very nice service at 11:00am on the courthouse lawn in Ravenna.

Enjoy the beautiful fall.