Columbus  –Beginning January 30, 2012, new federal regulations require ALL Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders to self-certify their type of commercial driving. This will be done at the time of issuance or renewal of the CDL. BMV will not begin accepting the self-certification forms until January 30, 2012.

Failing to Self-Certify by completing the required BMV 2159 and/or submitting the required Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MECERT) by January 30, 2014 will cause a cancellation of commercial driving privileges and prevent the issuance of a CDL until compliant.

All CDL holders MUST Self-Certify to one of four categories:

Category 1: Non-Excepted INTERSTATE (across state lines) (Driver must submit completed MECERT)

Category 2: Excepted INTERSTATE (across state lines)

Category 3: Non-Excepted INTRASTATE (exclusively within Ohio)

Category 4: Excepted INTRASTATE (exclusively within Ohio)

This change is in reference to new federal regulations CFR 49 part 383, 384, 390 and 391. The regulations can be found online at, under rules and regulations.

For more information visit or direct your inquiries to: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, CDL/Out of State Processing, P.O. Box 16784, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6784 or contact the Ohio BMV at 614-752-7600.