Nelson Twp. – Nelson Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting last week with trustees Joe Leonard and Jim Turos, and J. David Finney  the fiscal officer. Trustee Bill Wilson was not in attendance.

The minutes were approved as presented. Finney presented the bills and wages along with a financial status report. He requested permission to spend $1200 for office equipment, locks, cabinets etc as they set up an office at township garage. After a brief discussion the trustees approved the measures.

Mr. Finney told the trustees that they would not need to shift meeting dates  next month  due to the year ending nor does he need another meeting scheduled later to wrap up the 2011 finances. So December’s meetings are set as scheduled.

Mr., Turos congratulated Tom Matota on his successful run for trustee in the elections.  Turos also read a letter he received from Ruth Sheehan who has donated $300 for the purchase of Memorial Trees in memory of her husband Ray. The trees will be planted at  Pixley Park. Turos asked to have a separate fund set up for the memorial trees because he did not want the money for the trees to get lost in the general fund. Finney stated he will investigate it but he thinks they can just have a line fund for the item in the general fund. The trustees plan on having a memorial tree fund where residents can donate funds to the account and have a tree purchased in memory of a loved one. They currently have memorial trees on the circle and a few at Pixley Park.

Leonard reported that the possible assistance requested from the state to repair Pierce Road looks favorable.  The trustees have enlisted the help of  Kathleen Clyde to assist with obtaining Issue 2 monies for the repair.

Zoning Inspector, Anna Mae Vanderhoeven reported that she was able to inspect raceways and tank at the U.S. Liquids facility; however she was not permitted to be inside the building. The raceways were full of liquids and the tank was closed but was 2/3 full. The inspector is returning on Friday to re-inspect the facility. Residents questioned the scrap metal and junk outside of the facility and were frustrated with the answers they had received, and want to know what’s being stored in the tanks. Leonard responded and said they were doing what they could but they had to follow the laws. Leonard also said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be back out to inspect the plant as well action must wait for this report. Right now the trustee’s hands are tied and all they can do is report violations and cite the facility.

The trustees meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the  Community House. The public is encouraged to attend. More township information can be obtained from their web site